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  • address: Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited No.2 Building ,No 19, PingLe Road, LiangQing District, NanNing, Guangxi, China

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Company Profile

      Guangxi Construction Engineering Group No.1 Installation Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as GXYA), founded in 1955, is a subsidiary company (with independent legal entity) of Guangxi Construction Engineering Group, the registered capital of the Company is 500 million RMB. The Company owns the following credentials: Grade One General Contracting Qualification for Electromechanical Equipment Installation, Building Construction, Public Utilities Engineering and Smelting Engineering; Grade Two General Contracting Qualification for Petrochemical Engineering and Electric Power Engineering; Grade One and Grade Two Professional Contracting Qualification for Steel Structure Engineering and others 11 types of engineering; Grade Two License for Electric Power Facilities Installation; Licenses for Designing of Category D1 & D2 Pressure Vessels, the Manufacture of A2 Pressure Vessels; the Grade One Licenses for Installation, Reformation and Maintenance of Boiler; Installation, Reformation and Maintenance of GB1, GC1 & GD1 Pressure Pipelines; Installation, Reformation and Maintenance of Lifting Machineries, etc. Meanwhile, the Company owns the Foreign Contractual Operation Certificate for Construction Enterprises , the Certificate of Registration for Customs Clearance for Exporting & Importing; the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Certificate with U Stamp and the Certificate with NB Stamp from NBBI (the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors). With 2 workshops for fabrication of pressure vessels and steel structure (covering 66,666.67㎡), and a new manufacturing base (covering 133333.33 m2, under construction) for development & fabrication of sugar making equipments, pressure vessels and steel structure, the Company possesses great fabricating capacity, all of which allows the Company to offer clients general construction contracting service as in equipments installation and commissioning, fabrication of steel structure and pressure vessel, general construction contracting service as in industrial and civil architectures engineering, and export of equipments & materials in the mentioned Grades, as well as overseas expatriate dispatching.

      The Company implements the strategy of talents to cultivate the staff team with high quality. Currently it has a total staff of more than 1513, among which 50 are with senior professional title, 279 with medium professional title, 352 with primary professional title; and 52 constructors, 327 are associate constructors, more than 500 skilled workers. The Company has passed through ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

      When it has gained a firm foothold in Guangxi market, the Company strives to go outside and go international to exploit new markets. In the past 60 years, with the joint efforts of the staff, the Company has opened up markets in more than 10 other provinces such as Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, and some other countries like Thailand, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Russia, Jamaica and etc. Projects gather the wisdom and efforts of all the staff and have brought the Company honors, which help the Company set up a good image and a high reputation in public and the industry. The honorable titles and awards that the Company has won include:  "National Advanced Construction Enterprise", "National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise", "National Contract-honoring & Creditable Enterprise", "Guangxi Advanced Construction Enterprise", "Guangxi Excellent Quality Management Enterprise", "Guangxi Advanced Unit for Safety Production and Management", etc. Since 1990s, 42 projects undertaken by the Company have won the title of "Guangxi High-quality Project", and four technologies have won the title of "China Star Installation Technology". Three projects won silver prize of National High-quality Project. Four projects have won the highest prize for installation industry "China Installation Project High Quality Prize". Guangxi Huayin Aluminum Oxide Corporation project and Thailand Uthai-thani Sugar Mill Project were awarded the Top Prize of China Construction Industry Lu Ban Award. The project of Thailand Uthai-thani Sugar Mill became the first overseas sugar mill project under EPC contracting mode to be awarded Lu Ban Award in China.

      In the past 60 years, the Company opened up its market in China with its core businesses, such as: Sugar Making, Thermal Power, Paper Making, Steel Structure and Pressure Vessel Fabrication, building series of excellent projects, like: Guangxi Huayin Aluminum Oxide Corporation (Phase I) project, Funan Sugar Mill project of Guangxi East Asia Sugar Group, Hunan Huaihua Juntai Pulp & Paper Plant (annual capacity of 400,000 ton bleached sulfate wood pulp), Guangxi Beihai Taiheyuan Residential Building Project of SINOPEC, etc. The Company positively and timely makes follow-ups to adjust idea towards its business development to embrace new development and opportunities, when gaining a firm foothold in domestic market, the Company strives to go international and has received outstanding achievements in overseas construction projects, as: Vietnam LamDong Aluminum Oxide Thermal Power Station Project, Vietnam (Meitou) Fertilizer Project, Thailand Uthai-thani Sugar Mill EPC Project (with a cane crushing capacity of 12,000tons per day), Thailand Khonburi "C-Line" Sugar Factory EPC Project (with a cane crushing capacity of 12,000tons per day), Thailand Rajburi Sugar Factory EPC Project (with a cane crushing capacity of 12,000tons per day), a series of civil engineering projects of Thailand Charoen Pokphand Group CP Land Company, Ethiopia OMO Sugar Mill Project, etc.

      Where there is a will, there is a way. The Company will invariably adhere the core value of "Quality Roots in Responsibility, Honesty Creates Value", cultivate top class team and improve management so as to create top enterprise for the sake of offering dedicated excellent services for clients, strive to make a bright future of the Company.

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Guangxi Construction Engineering Group No. 1 Installation Co., Ltd.

818 vjq威尼斯|5858p永久地址在线

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