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Thailand Uthai Thani Sugar Mill EPC Project 12,000TCD and Refining 700 tons Raw Sugar.


Project picture

Project introduction

1.      Project: Thailand Uthai Thani Sugar Mill EPC Project 12,000TCD and Refining 700 tons Raw Sugar.

2.      Project Site: Uthai Thani, Thailand.

3.      Time of Signing Contract: March 6th, 2011.

4.      Project Scale: 1.02 Billion RMB

5.      Project Start-up Time: Autumn 23rd, 2011.

6.      Project Completion Time: December 12th, 2012.

7.      Construction Process:

The contract was signed at March, 2011, due to the address of the sugar mill changed, the project start-up time delayed for half a year. While the year of 2011, Thai experienced serious flood, Thai sugar colleagues thought that was a impossible mission to finish a project like that in such a short time. But our company offered the owner a slogan of “Make impossible possible”, we would finish the project according to the time limit by the contract. Through the effort of 780 workers and administrators and overcame many difficulties, the project finished at December 2012, and produced high quality raw sugar.

The whole project cost 430 days while the same type of sugar mill in Thai would cost at least 2years at that time, created a new record of building the same type of sugar mill. After turn-key to the owner, in 2012-2013 crop of sugar producing, the Sugar Producing Rate and Press Withdrawal Rate were top of the five new-built sugar mill in Thai. In the very next crop of sugar producing 2013-2014, the highest of capacity reached 15030.72TCD, comprehensive index ranged No.10 in the 58 Thai sugar mills, while 2014-2015, the highest of capacity reached 15900TCD, comprehensive index ranged No.2 in the 58 Thai sugar mills, the owners are extremely satisfying with the result. In the crop of sugar producing 2015-2016, the Uthai Thani Sugar Mill got “Excellent Sugar Mill” title from Thai Sugar committee while just 6 in 58 sugar mills got the reward.

With the excellent performance, in 2014, the project got “ Luban Prize”(The highest reward for construction engineering project in China), became the first ECP sugar mill that got the Prize while the first project got the reward abroad.

8.      The influence of the Project:

The project designed and built as Chinese Standard, More than 95% of equipments were imported from China, most of the steel structure and sugar machines were fabricated and manufactured by our company. The project was the first EPC Sugar Mill project in Thai history. Thai used to just accept Techs from Japan or Euro, this project make strong repercussion in Thai.

With the good corporation, the owner started the second-phase of the project from Oct. 2016 and now is under construction by our company. 

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