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Guangxi Huayin Aluminum Oxide Project

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Guangxi Huayin Aluminum Project was a large-scale industrial project in Guangxi's 11th five-year plan. With a static investment of RMB 8.5 billion,  The Company contracted the civil engineering and installation  projects, with the total project cost exceeding 350 million RMB. The Company undertook the construction and erection of 5 coal boilers, rated evaporation capacity at 220t/h, rated steam temperature at 540℃, and rated pressure at 9.81MPa, 2×30MW extraction condensation + 1×8MW back pressure turbine generator unit , and 220KV substation.

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Guangxi Construction Engineering Group No. 1 Installation Co., Ltd.

818 vjq威尼斯|5858p永久地址在线

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